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Licensed Optometrists

Public Notice

Following are the names and license numbers of Optometrists registered with the Newfoundland and Labrador College of Optometrists

Dr. Kelly Abbott (2106-A)
Dr. Meagan Abbott (1803-A)
Dr. Jonathan Bense (0602-A)
Dr. Garry Best (8302-A)
Dr. Tanisha Bomboir (2207-A)
Dr. Justin Boulay (1002-A)
Dr. Brittany Burt (1704-A)
Dr. John Cashin (7902-A)
Dr. Douglas Cote (7801-T)
Dr. Rachel Gardiner (1307-A)
Dr. Clare Halleran (1101-A)
Dr. Ariel Hannaford (2104-A)
Dr. Jessica Head (1203-A)
Dr. Ian Henderson (8901-A)
Dr. Andrew Hickey (2204-A)
Dr. Julie Hiscock (1901-A)
Dr. Paul Hiscock (8303-A)
Dr. Lisa Hounsell Clarke (0403-A)
Dr. Sarah Hutchens (1102-A)
Dr. Grace Hwang (9801-A)
Dr. Sheldon Hynes (1501-A)
Dr. Harvey Kader (2401-A)
Dr. Noubar Kara-Yakoubian (2202-A)
Dr. Patrick Kean (9701-A)
Dr. Nadine Kielly (0803-A)
Dr. Allan Kipp (7601)
Dr. Erin Lynch (2101-A)
Dr. Deidre MacDonnell (0502-A)
Dr. Deanne Mayo (0302-A)
Dr. Stephen McIntosh (1310-A)
Dr. Kylie Mercer (2205-A)
Dr. Trudy Metcalfe (0504-A)
Dr. Clarence Moore (8101-A)
Dr. Hilary Moores (1805-A)
Dr. Melanie Murphy (1703-A)
Dr. Dean Nisbett (2203-A)
Dr. Michelle O'Quinn (9201-A)
Dr. Emily O'Reilly (2201-A)
Dr. Amy Oldford (0704-A)
Dr. Tyler Parsons (1804-A)
Dr. Heidi Patterson (1904-A)
Dr. Lorielle Pevie (1401-A)
Dr. Stephanie Powell (1505-A)
Dr. Christiana Pyrillou (1502-A)
Dr. Dale Reardon (0202-A)
Dr. Shaun Rideout (1504-A)
Dr. Jeanne Saltzman (1903-A)
Dr. Mark Smith (0702-A)
Dr. Jennifer Swyers (1308-A)
Dr. Pamela Tucker (0603-A)
Dr. Nimish Vadher (1806-A)
Dr. Amanda Vail (1705-A)
Dr. Yvette Webb (0401-A)
Dr. Allison Wensman (2105-A)
Dr. Mark Witherall (0402-A)
Dr. Rhonda Witte (1105-A)
Dr. Andrew Wood (1701-A)
Dr. Karen Young (0303-A)

(T = Therapeutics Certificate, A = Advanced Therapeutics Certificate)